Anon request:  pointless  super relevant gif of Taehyung cleaning his ear with his finger…
please look at his facial expression omfg 

lanlovesrice asked: BTS as hairdressers? Omg i love ur scenarios


thank you ^^

Jin: i can’t help you- you’re ugly 

Rapmon: *breaks scissors* oh come on

SUGA: *literally just touches hair* 50$ thanks

JHope: i’m hoseok scissorhands 

Jimin: how about i wash you completely not just hair

V: *impersonates the barber of Seville* ahdskjflsj

Jungkook: what? you don’t like it? bitch do it yourself

I’ll always be working hard towards the better things, better music and better stages. Let’s go together. Let’s not bother about other things but focus on walking forward with things turning out right among ourselves!! — Rap Monster. trans

[ inspired by x ]

when jungmin notices the camera..


Jimin being the little shit he is

for x